Garages Melbourne

Garages Melbourne

Have you recently bought a new single or double-story house with a beautiful driveway in place but no garage to go with that beautiful pavement? Are you a real-estate consultant that needs to advice his / her customers on trusted and reliable garage builders that offer quality garage sheds in Melbourne? Do you need a quality solution to cover up your Ford Mustang or Cadillac and you cannot afford to compromise the safety of your car with a plastic cover or something cheaper? Well, you need not worry anymore because Turnkey Sheds brings its customers, strong, attractive and durable garages in Melbourne.

Garage Builders

Garage sheds in Melbourne are a modern alternative to the traditional single or doubleĀ carports which are open from all sides or from 3-sides (like a verandah). If you are looking for a strong and long-lasting option but one that fits your budget then steel garages in Melbourne are the ones you should select. You will come across 3 options for garages when you are out to select a parking shade for your car.

  • Steel Garages
  • Timber Garages
  • Brick Garages

Steel garages are the cheapest option and the one that is durable when compared to the other options which will cost 400% more for a similar building. Steel garages have the option to be coloured in just any shade that appears similar to timber and would be an amazing addition to your home. Our steel garages are constructed with premium quality steel products that adhere to all Australian standards.

Garage Sheds Melbourne

If you are not fond of the standard sizes, then you can opt for custom designs that are suitable to park in your boat, caravan or bigger cars. Our garages in Melbourne also come with the option of hoisting the car upwards so that you can make up extra room for stuff or if you need to host a garage sale. One other benefit of having a garage is that you can store your old stuff that you do not need anymore but would not want it to end up in the dumpster. Your belongings in the garage will be stored safely, away from the extreme summers, heavy rains etc.

Turnkey Sheds is your premium garage builders in Melbourne, Australia that offers quality workmanship and warranty that will assure you long-lasting satisfaction. We employ only the finest in the business that can offer their expert services and provide designs that reflect quality and strength.

If you need a garage to go with your house then call us now on 1300 552 045 for a free quote.

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